The Black Gloves 'Special Thank You Film Credit' Package

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Receive our grateful thanks with a special thank you credit in our movie credits and IMDB for The Black Gloves. 

See your name emblazoned on the scrolling credits along with my bearded own, and the gorgeous Macarena Gomez!

If you already have Ravens or Lord of Tears and would rather swap it for another £25 reward then just let us know!

FREE SHIPPING of all rewards

  • Special Thank You Credit (Film Credits, IMDB)
  • The Black Gloves 3 Disc Set (Blu-Ray, DVD, CD)
  • Choice of Lord of Tears or Ravens 3 Disc Set!
  • Poster (The Black Gloves)
  • Owlman T-Shirt
  • All Digital Rewards & Special Thanks

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