Signed High Quality Print from The Black Gloves (Pre-Order)

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Signed High Quality Large Photo (Pre-Order) Estimate: February 2018

Get a beautiful high quality printed photograph that comes signed by your choice of actor from The Black Gloves. We have a stunning range of high quality pictures for you to choose from, all of them taken by expert cinematographer Michael Brewster with a gorgeous 80 year old Rolleicord film camera shooting on the huge 70mm film medium film format. This ain't digital... this is vintage old school!

Choose between Jamie Scott Gordon, Alexandra Hulme, Macarena Gomez, Nicholas Vince or who-ever you like from the cast of our film!

After the campaign you will get to choose which picture, and we'll print you a large A4 (or smaller) picture to fit your frame!

Already Pledged? Just click to adjust pledge and add £120 and we'll give you the postage for free!


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