Lord of Tears 3 Disc Set (Blu-ray, DVD, CD soundtrack.)

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Suspecting that his visions are linked to a dark incident in his past, James returns to his childhood home, a notorious mansion in the Scottish Highlands.

Lord of Tears is a classic Gothic-style ghost story with an insidious Pagan twist. Our film is inspired by classic horror movies such as The Haunting and The Innocents. The antagonist is truly unique among horror villains and is voiced by David Schofield (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator.) The dreaded Owlman has become a legend in his own right - and became viral during our promotion of Lord of Tears with a prank video you can view here! 
"the stuff of nightmares." Ain't It Cool News 
"hands down one of the most haunting and unique movies of the year" Bloody Disgusting
"deeply unsettling ghost story... will haunt viewers for years to come" Starburst Magazine
"will remain with you long after the first viewing." A Haunting on the Screen
"it’s even better the second time" Dread Central

Our Package Includes

We are passionate about producing beautiful and memorable film packages for each of our films with beautiful artwork, top quality printing and HOURS of extras.  The Lord of Tears Special Edition presents a new never seen before re-edit and grade of the original Lord of Tears housed in a beautiful new package, the first volume in our planned series of Hex Media releases. 
The Lord of Tears Special Edition includes, 

* NEW EDIT of Lord of Tears with new HD master, Grade & Sound

* EPIC Secrets of the Owlman Documentary 

* Interviews with the Cast and Crew  

* Chilling tales of the Owlman

* Deleted Scenes with Director's Commentary

* Full CD Soundtrack of original music

* BTS Footage

* Trailers  

* Occult Owlman Digital Booklet

* Owlman pranks and more 

* By popular request we will also include the original 2012 unedited indie release of Lord of Tears!


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