The Book of Monsters Vol 1 (Pre-Order)

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Hex Media

The Hex Book of Monsters Vol 1. is a high-quality hardback book, filled with stories and original artwork featuring our most terrifying creations, as well as rules for including them in popular RPG games! Every purchase by one of our supporters will see that person included in our books special Acknowledgements. 

Each book comes signed by writer and director, Lawrie Brewster! 

* New Monsters with 15 Terrifying Tales
* Original Artwork by Michael Doig and Gavin Robertson. 
* Signed by Director & Writer
* Personal Dedication 
* Printed Thank You Credit in the Book
* RPG Rules for each Monster
* Hardback Book with Dust Sleeve
* Red Leather Book Ribbon

You can enjoy some samples of my writing with some stories I have written and narrated on the CreepyPasta series 'Never Sleep Again.' 

Mon & Pop :

The Black Hare :

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